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Valentine’s Day is only a month away and I can hardly believe it! I’ve spent the last few weeks refreshing and resetting for the new year. Now I’m excited and ready to have a small holiday to look forward to. While I don’t love every aspect of Valentine’s Day (I’m looking at you, prix fixe menus and cheesy cards), I’ll take any excuse to get dressed up. Red and pink, beautiful prints, and over-the-top styles…Valentine’s Day fashion is basically my love language! If you’re wondering what to wear for Valentine’s Day 2023, I’m here to help. Today I’m going to discuss some fashion tips for this holiday. Additionally, I’ll be sharing 40 Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for every occasion!


Frequently Asked Questions

Before diving in and sharing all of my outfit ideas (I promise, they’re coming), I wanted to address some questions I was getting in my DMs this week concerning Valentine’s Day dressing for 2023.

What should I wear for Valentine’s Day 2023?

While this question is very vague, I think the best response is to wear whatever makes you feel good. If you’re like me and getting glammed up in fancy dresses brings you joy, take advantage of Valentine’s Day and go all out (I’ll be wearing this frock for the occasion)! If you’re more comfortable wearing a pair of jeans and a festive sweater, go for it! There is no right or wrong answer and today I am providing lots of options based on whatever your plans may be.

What colors do you wear on Valentine’s Day?

I think by now almost everyone knows that red and pink are the most commonly worn colors for Valentine’s Day. Not surprisingly, this also happens to be one of my all-time favorite color combinations, so I never hesitate to go over the top! Personally, I’m not afraid to mix and match red and pink or wear a monochromatic head-to-toe red look (as witnessed above). But, you can complete a more subdued look with a touch of color from a pair of bright tights, a purse that pops, or even some festive earrings.

How should I do my hair and makeup for Valentine’s Day?

No matter what your plans are, it can be fun to put a little extra effort into your hair and makeup. I’ve previously shared a soft, romantic beauty look for Valentine’s Day that would work for all occasions. As for my hair, you will most likely find it in my favorite sleek bun. This chic and minimal hairstyle compliments just about any outfit I dream up!

What should I wear for a casual Valentine’s Day outfit?

If you don’t plan to dress up this year, there are still plenty of ways to look cute and festive. You could wear this under $50 fun heart sweater and jeans to a casual gathering with friends or this easy sweater dress that looks great with a pair of casual boots. Additionally, it can be nice to stay comfy in Valentine’s pajamas at home – I am linking to lots of options below so keep scrolling.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas 2023

Now, let’s get to the fun part – What to wear for Valentine’s Day 2023! I’ve rounded up 40 outfit ideas for every type of Valentine’s celebration. Whether you’re getting glammed up or keeping it casual, there’s a Valentine’s Day outfit for everyone in this roundup.

Two-Toned Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


Since red and pink is a favorite color combination of mine, I decided it deserves its own section! Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” quite like this combination. Pairing these colors together can be feminine and a bit unexpected.

This colorblock cover-up shirt and matching pants are perfect for spending the day poolside. For a fancy night out, this pink and red maxi dress paired with these red heart stud earrings is absolute perfection. Looking for a skirt option? This under $100 maxi skirt is on my list. This pink and red blazer would look just as cute paired with jeans as it would layered over a dress. And no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. These red and pink mules are adorable and happen to be on major sale. And these pink heels with red bows are the ultimate Valentine’s Day shoe!

Pretty Printed Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


If you’re like me and love beautiful prints, there are some wonderful options this Valentine’s Day. This pink and white maxi dress features a fun tie-dye stripe and is currently 50% off. Speaking of fun, the feather cuffs on this burgundy and pink midi dress are adorable. Pair it with this pink woven clutch to complete the look. But, If neither of these Valentine’s Day dresses catches your eye, I’m also loving this pink and red floral maxi dress, this bright pink floral dress, and this pink and red striped puff sleeve dress. Beyond dresses, these red and pink pants and this red toile print midi skirt (dress version here) are both beautiful pieces for all your Valentine’s Day festivities. PS this is the dress I will be wearing this year!

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day 2023 if You’re Getting Glammed Up


It’s hard to choose, but this might be my favorite category for Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. What can I say, I am who I am! If you’re spending Valentine’s Day 2023 at a fancy restaurant or out on a special date, these outfit ideas are the ones you need.

The intricate details on this red and pink midi dress are absolutely stunning. Speaking of intricate details, this red long-sleeve silk dress paired with these red suede crystal heart pumps makes for a truly glamorous Valentine’s Day outfit. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, this pink ruffle mini dress, this pink wide-leg jumpsuit, or this pink puff sleeve maxi dress will do the job. But, for something more classically elegant, I love this pink maxi dress with a bow on the back. You can complete any Valentine’s Day outfit with these crystal-embellished pumps, available in red or pink.

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Featuring a Bow


You probably know by now that I can’t pass up a pretty bow (photographic evidence above in today’s look) and Valentine’s Day is no exception! I love the feminine and sweet style that a bow adds to any outfit. If you’re looking for a dress that stands out in a crowd, this pink bow mini dress, this bright pink bow midi dress, or this bow mini dress in red or pink are all showstoppers. For a more classic and subtle Valentine’s Day outfit, I love this red bow mini dress paired with these red velvet bow mules or this pink shift dress paired with these pink platform pumps.

Casual Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas 2023


I’ve gathered some ideas for those of you searching for a casual Valentine’s Day outfit this year. These outfit ideas are perfect for celebrating with your friends or going on a casual lunch date. If you plan to wear jeans on Valentine’s Day, this affordable red and pink striped top (I would wear with these pink loafers), this red and pink polka dot blouse, or this pink cable knit sweater paired with these pink ballerina flats are wonderful options. You could also pair this pink metallic blazer and these pink satin pumps with jeans for a dressier option. And if you’re looking for a casual 2023 Valentine’s Day dress, this red sweater dress, this hot pink mini dress, and this red lace mini dress are some of my favorite options.

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day 2023 if You’re Staying In


Lastly, If you opt to stay in this Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an adorable outfit! This holiday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new pajama set for laying around and relaxing. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Valentine’s Day pajamas and loungewear for women.

First up is this $35 pink satin pajama set (you can’t beat that price!) If you’re looking to lounge around in something with a little flair, the feathers on this red pajama set and this pink pajama set are so much fun and would look adorable with these! If comfort is your top priority, this Pima cotton Valentine’s kisses pajama set and this pink hearts pajama set are what you need (bonus points: you can match your kiddos – see the full selection here). Lastly, if you’re looking for a luxurious outfit to wear at home on Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to this satin pink hearts pajama top and matching pants or this pink and red floral robe.

Looking for a bit more visual inspiration? Check out my Valentine’s Day outfits from previous years as well as this post, this post, this post and this post. I told you I am a huge fan of red and pink! Whether you are celebrating with a loved one, toasting to Galentine’s Day, or simply staying in, I hope you’ve found a bit of inspiration!



What are the fashion trends for Valentine's Day 2023? ›

Texture has been a hot trend through 2023. It is continuing this year with fashion enthusiasts experimenting with lace, layering, and mesh. In particular, 'frilly tops' are in right now, with worldwide Google searches increasing by a significant 64% in the past 30 days.

How should I dress in my 40? ›

Invest in high-quality basics like well-fitting jeans, crisp white t-shirts, and classic blazers. Experiment with bold prints, bright colors, and trendy accessories to add interest to your outfits. Try mixing and matching different textures and fabrics to create unique and personalized looks.

What is a good outfit for Valentine's Day? ›

A cute casual dress or co*cktail dress is the perfect compromise between the ultra-sexy, romantic Valentine's Day getup and your favorite daytime look. Colors like dark burgundy or pure white are perfect for a simple, sweet vibe, but patterns can also bring a bit of sophistication into the mix.

What color is Valentine's Day 2023? ›

February 14 is a day to express our feelings for our loved ones. What better method to portray this passion than through the colour red? Red is a powerful colour that elicits powerful emotions and is connected with love, passion, and desire.

What is the dress colour code for Valentine's Day 2023? ›

Red signifies love and pink means gentleness. However, if you like both colours, you can opt for them both. It's a day to celebrate love, so don't hesitate to go over the top! Similarly, you can wear black on Valentine's Day to symbolise your disinterest or blue to indicate your interest in dating.

What color to wear on Valentine's Day? ›

This Valentine's Day we plan on looking our best ever, and that means showing up in a red or pink dress. On our same level? Continue below to get a look at some red and pink dresses that are perfect for Valentine's Day, along with a little history lesson as to why we wear those specific colors!

How can a woman look good in her 40s? ›

Change your face make-up to fit your age.

It's high time to update your make-up – you want very thin coverage that makes you glow. It's your natural beauty that's ready to be center stage. Stay away from liquid eyeliner which is cakey on less-than-firm skin.

How to wear black in your 40s? ›

Total black is always elegant and helps you slim the silhouette. But be careful, because black doesn't suit everybody; if this colour is not ideal for your palette, wear it in the bottom, matching with a contrast colour on the top. Denim: this fabric is your best ally, and you should take advantage of it.

What do 40 year olds wear to go out? ›

In terms of styling the nice top and jeans outfit… If you are wearing skinny jeans then go for a belted or peplum style top or one that can be left un-tucked, or at least front-tucked. On the other hand, if your jeans are boyfriend style or high-waisted 'Mom' style, then you can opt for a more fitted, tucked-in top.

How to look hot on Valentine's Day? ›

Try a classic, fancier look with a long crimson gown, or have fun with a low-key hot pink sweater and jeans.
  1. Craft a monochromatic outfit, like head-to-toe blush tones, for an on-trend Valentine's Day look.
  2. Shake things up by going monochromatic but with different shades of the same color.

What is the theme dress code for Valentine? ›

Romantic Reds and Passionate Pinks

The classic Valentine's Day colours, red and pink, continue to dominate the Valentines day dress code even this year. Red, the colour of love and passion, is a timeless choice for those aiming to make a bold statement.

What is the most popular color on Valentine's Day? ›

Red means love, symbolic of the heart, and the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red and white, make pink. Red is usually reserved for romantic, intimate relationships and pink can be for close friends or family members on Valentine's Day.

What color dress to wear in February? ›

Warm Browns: Warm, earthy brown tones are perfect for winter. They add a cozy, rustic feel to any outfit and pair well with other winter colors like cream, grey, and navy blue. 5. Soft Pink: Soft pink is a lovely, feminine color that can add a touch of sweetness to your winter wardrobe.

Can I wear black on Valentine's Day? ›

If wear all black, together we can make a statement. A statement that we don't need one day a year to show love to others. We shouldn't need an excuse to show love. Whether that being love to another individual or to yourself.

What color is feb 14 2023? ›

As we all know, February 14th is a day to express our love and affection for our significant others. And what better way to express this emotion than with the colour red?

What is trending for Valentine's Day 2024? ›

Nostalgic jewelry is trending, particularly lockets for holding cherished memories. Worn patinas and vintage styles make them romantic and practical. Heartfelt charms on necklaces are gaining popularity too, with charm options to cater to various interests, from sports to cooking, adding a personal touch to the trend.

What is the meaning of Colours in Valentine's Day? ›

With yellow roses representing friendship and red roses signifying love, orange roses are thought of as the bridge between the two.

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