Ben Stern Obituary New York Times (2024)

1. Ben Stern, Who Opposed a Nazi Rally in Illinois, Dies at 102

  • Mar 24, 2024 · Stern died on Feb. 28 at his home in Berkeley, Calif., where he had moved from Northbrook, Ill., his daughter Charlene said. He was 102.

  • He was held prisoner in nine concentration camps. Decades later, he fought a battle against American Nazis that became a major free-speech case.

2. THE LATE BENJAMIN STERN; Many of His Good Works Were Done ...

  • To the Editor of The New York Times: The obituary notices of Benjamin Stern omitted points so rare as to be worthy of recognition.

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3. Remembering Howard Stern's Dad, Ben, Who Died in July at 99 - Variety

  • Sep 6, 2022 · Howard Stern's return to his SiriusXM morning show after a summer off the air arrived with news that his father, Ben Stern, died recently at ...

  • Variety editor Malina Saval memorializes Howard Stern's dad Ben through her own experience listening to the "Howard Stern Show" with her father.

4. BENJAMIN F. STERN - The New York Times

  • TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Full text is unavailable for this digitized archive article. Subscribers may ...

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5. BENJAMIN STERN - The New York Times


  • Mar 12, 1971 · ORANGE, N. J., March 11—Benjamin L. Stern, a New York insurance executive, died this evening in Orange Memorial Hospital. He was 57 years ...

  • Stern, Benjamin L

7. Ben Stern, Berkeley Holocaust survivor & justice fighter, dies at 102

  • Mar 4, 2024 · Ben Stern, who survived two ghettos, nine concentration camps and two death marches, died Wednesday at home in Berkeley. He was 102. Our 2023 ...

  • Stern survived nine concentration camps and two death marches and worked to prevent neo-Nazis and white supremacists from rallying in Illinois and Berkeley.

8. Guy Stern, Who Fled Germany and Then Interrogated Nazis, Dies at 101

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  • He escaped as a teenager and later became one of the Ritchie Boys, a secret Army program that recruited refugees to gather battlefield intelligence.

9. Karen Salva, Benjamin Stern - The New York Times

  • Apr 3, 2016 · Karen Tongco Salva and Benjamin Josiah Stern were married April 2 at the Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, Conn. Dr. Andrew Engel, who became a ...

  • The bride is a location scout and the groom a location manager for film, television and photographic shoots.

10. Howard Stern reveals his father Ben recently died aged 99 - Page Six

  • Aug 13, 2022 · ... Ben Stern, recently died aged 99. Getty Images. He continued, “The barns are no longer there but I photographed them many times, and I'm ...

  • Stern shared a close bond with his old man.

11. Howard Stern Announces His Father Ben Recently Died at Age 99 - People

  • Aug 12, 2022 · The barns are no longer there but I photographed them many times, and I'm doing a big painting that hopefully captures every broken board on ...

  • To honor his father's life, Howard Stern revealed that he is planning to create a "big painting" of Corwith Barns

12. Howard Stern - The New York Times

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  • News about Howard Stern, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

13. Howard Stern reveals his father recently died at 99 - FOX 5 New York

  • Aug 14, 2022 · ... Ben," Brent Hatley, Stern's former senior producer, posted on Twitter. "Ben made me laugh so many times, he was funny without even trying.

  • The radio personality said he’s taken up a certain hobby that helps him remember his father.

14. Ben Stern Cause of Death: Howard Stern Shares a New Update

  • Aug 12, 2022 · As Howard suggested, in his art he started to focus on the Corwith Barns, quaint buildings that no longer stand in the Hamptons, N.Y., after ...

  • What was Ben Stern's cause of death? Howard Stern shared details about the tragic death of his father, Ben Stern. Here's what you should know.

15. Toni Stern, Who Wrote Songs With Carole King, Dies at 79

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  • A sunny California poet, she provided the words to songs on “Tapestry” and other albums, including the enduring hit “It’s Too Late.”

16. Ben Stern, Holocaust survivor who stood up to neo-Nazis in Skokie ...

  • Mar 5, 2024 · ... death marches only to confront Nazi sympathizers in his adopted America, died Feb. ... The New York Jewish Week.

  • The survivor of two death marches often signed his name with 129592, the concentration camp number tattooed on his arm.

17. Paid Notice: Deaths STERN, HOWARD S. - The New York Times

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  • STERN--Howard S. The Board of Directors, Executives and entire staff of EZ-EM, Inc. mourn the loss of Howard S. Stern, co-founder, director and Chairman Emeritus. Mr. Stern passed away on December 28, 2005 after losing a brave battle with brain cancer. He was 74. Mr. Stern was a pioneer in the field of gastrointestinal imaging. Mr. Stern co-founded EZ-EM in 1962 to develop and market the first unit-dose product to virtually eliminate cross-contamination during the administration of barium sulfate contrast media. Mr. Stern was the holder of several patents. Mr. Stern would dedicate his life to the development of products that improved the diagnosis and treatment of GI disease. During his more than 40 years of leadership with E-Z-EM, he helped introduce a series of important innovations to the field, and in the process established the Company as a recognized name among radiologists around the world. Mr. Stern served as a director of E-Z-EM from the Company's founding until his passing, and also served as the Company's Chairman of the Board from its founding until December 2004, when he was named Chairman Emeritus. Mr. Stern also served as Chief Executive Officer from the Company's founding until 1990, as President and Chief Executive Officer from 1990 to 1994, and again from 1997 to 2000. At his death, Mr. Stern was also a director of AngioDynamics, Inc., which he cofounded in 1988 as a division of E-Z-EM. He served as the Chairman of the Board of AngioDynamics from that Compan...

18. Ben Stern, Holocaust survivor who challenged neo-Nazis, dies at 102

  • Mar 12, 2024 · Mr. Stern had lived for decades in Illinois before moving to California to be closer to his family. He died at his home in Berkeley. Mr ...

  • He helped rally opposition to a planned neo-Nazi gathering in Skokie, Ill., in the 1970s that produced one of the most explosive cases in First Amendment law.

Ben Stern Obituary New York Times (2024)
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