25 Best Church Outfits in 2024 You Will Love (2024)

Dressing up for church is something many of us want to know. Depending on the church you attend, you could opt for a more formal look, or go for smart casual style. Either way, the church is an environment that definitely requires modesty, but you can (and should) still look classy, elegant and chic in a well put-together outfit.

Here are some of the best outfit ideas for church:

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Longer length dress

There’s no better way to look modest than wearing a maxi dress, considering it covers most of your body. It therefore makes for a perfect church outfit. You can go for a plain maxi, or a printed one, particularly in summer, for that great Sunday look.

Wide-leg pants

Wearing wide leg pants outfit to church is probably one of the easiest way to look well dressed without having to spend too much effort.

Wide leg tailored pants is a versatile piece every woman should have at least a couple in her closet. They can be automatically dressy, but can also look casual, depending on the top you wear with it and the shoes you choose. That is what makes it a great option for wearing to church.

Given the volume from the leg shape, you should balance out the outfit by wearing something well fitted on top. The best wide pants are the ones that hugs in the hips and fall straight down from there. They are long and classy in most cases, and will have you looking elegant in church.

If you happen to be a pear shape, the wide leg pants outfits are probably one of the most flattering for you, regardless in the summer or in the winter when you go to the church.

Midi skirt

Midi skirt outfits, just like midi dresses, are great for church.

The length of the midi skirts can make them a bit more challenging to style, but that just means you should be more selective with the design of the skirt and what you wear on top. Midi skirts are mostly modest and can be worn with different tops and footwear.

Just remember, you can always go for a printed skirt for church but make sure your top is plain or vice versa.

Pleated skirt

A pleated skirt has always been a good option for church, whether you go for a knee-length midi skirt, a midi pleated skirt or even a maxi pleated skirt. Aside from the fact that they can be worn in any season, they are modest and work for different body types. They are also classic.


Blazers can instantly add a classy touch to any outfit. Wearing one on a Sunday to church is an easy way to dress up your tops and bottoms.

They are available in different styles and can work for any season. You can choose a lighter blazer, or a heavier one, depending on the weather. Whichever you go for, you will certainly get a great outfit out of it.

Depending on your body type, you can always wear it without the belt and leave it unbuttoned. Always pick colors that are well coordinated for the blazer and pants or any other bottoms.

Turtleneck sweater

Turtlenecks are great for colder weather, especially if you go for woolen ones since they cover you up all the way to the neck. They can work with different bottoms for the best church outfit. If you will be going to church in one of these, make sure it’s not too figure-hugging.

Midi dress

Midi dresses easily make it to the list of best outfits for church, because of their length and the fact that they are very classy.

They come in different styles, but the best ones for the church are those fitted but not too figure-hugging. Go for flowier midi dresses as you will feel more comfortable in them.

While these midi dresses are available in different prints and patterns, it’s best to go for plain ones and then accessorize in a more subtle way when going to church.

Flared jeans

If you’re the jeans-wearing kind of girl, then you probably are wondering if you can wear jeans to attend church service.

Some of the churches have a more casual dress code than others. In that case, wearing jeans is appropriate, as long as the entire outfit still looks polished and not overly casual.

The flared leg is one of the most universally flattering type of jeans. Since it’s well fitted from hip to thighs, it’s a great silhouette that’s automatically more polished than some of the other denim styles such as the boyfriend jeans, mom jeans or ripped jeans.

You can style the jeans with a button-down, a regular top and any other top that’s flattering but modest.

When choosing flared jeans for a church outfit, make sure you get the right fit that’s comfortable. Adding modest jewelry can also complete the outfit for a more dressed-up look.

Pencil skirt outfit

A pencil skirt is classy and suits every type of woman, regardless of their body shape and size. It also works regardless of their age and can be worn to church too.

When wearing a pencil skirt outfit to church though, pick one that is not too body-hugging. You should also be careful with the fabric you go for because you wouldn’t want to attract the wrong type of attention while going for a service.

Also, when picking a pencil skirt for church, go for a knee-length one or a slightly longer one.

Long denim skirt

Just like the flared leg jeans, denim skirt can also be worn to a Sunday service, if your church has a more relaxed dress code.

A denim skirt is easy to wear whether in pencil style or A-line. It is meant for every woman just as long as you pick one in your size. They are easy to wear and are great for church because they can look quite dressed up, with the right top and shoes.

Wearing a denim skirt outfit to church of course requires more thought. You don’t have to wear a loosely fitted skirt if that is not your style. When you do wear one that hugs your body, then balance it out with a longer skirt length, and wear a top that is not too revealing.

It’s best to go for a denim skirt in a simple style if you’ll be wearing it to church, nothing over the top. If it’s warm outside, you can always switch up the boots for sandals.


Suits are the easiest way to look fancy, and chic, whether you’re going to an office, an event, or even an environment that requires modesty such as a church. This is the one outfit that doesn’t fail.

The best part is that a suit is available in different styles as well as prints and colors, which means you have endless options. It’s literally up to you to pick a design that best matches your preferences.

With a suit, you don’t have to think too hard about what else to wear. Darker and neutral shades are classier though.

Lace dress

For church events or even just a normal Sunday, a lace dress will have you looking so feminine, considering lace is delicate. Lace is also very classy and you can never have too much of them if you are a girly girl.

Colors like white look fantastic, especially for church events like baptisms, although you can pick other colors too.

Denim jacket

As has already been mentioned, denim is comfortable and it does make for a great weekend outfit including on Sundays. You can comfortably layer your denim jacket over a dress, a tank top, or a button-down, of course with the right bottoms for a great Sunday look.

If you want to dress up more, strappy heels would also look great with this outfit. Maxi dress is a great option to wear to the church with this outfit, but you can also pick a different length for this look such as a knee-length or midi.

Maxi skirt

A maxi skirt is a great alternative to the maxi dress, especially if you love a good maxi length, but prefer to have different options with the top. Just like maxi dresses, they are decent and great for the church environment, not to mention they are also comfortable, considering how flowy they are.

It’s a great look that works for church, and you can always layer a cropped jacket over the top if you want it to work.

Shift dress

Shift dresses are amazing and suit just about every woman, considering they are meant to be loose anyway. Knee-length ones make for a great Sunday look, especially when worn with heels or even sandals.

With a shift dress outfit, you can pick a dress with sleeves or without and you can choose from different fabrics.

Shirtdress outfit

Shirt dresses look smart and work for different types of environments. They are classy especially if you wear the longer ones and are great for that Sunday sermon at church.

Beige coat

A coat is always classy and with the amazing designs that exist today, you don’t even have to worry about them covering up a good outfit. You can go for a long or short one for Sunday service at church especially if it gets cold inside the building or if it’s generally cold outside.

Peplum top

For a church-appropriate outfit, you can consider wearing a lace top, which looks dressed up, and pair with simple bottoms such as the skinny jeans .

Sweater dress

Sweater dresses are nice and cozy and can work in different environments including the church.

They are perfect for a fall look when the weather starts to drop. They are warm and very flattering, especially when you go for a wool blend or cashmere sweater dress. They also come in different colors.

Always go for at least a knee-length sweater dress for church or a midi length as they are more comfortable and stand out in the right way.

Khaki pants

Khaki pants are a great alternative to jeans, especially over the weekend. That said, if jeans are alright for church, then best believe khaki pants are too.

For a dressy church outfit, choose a feminine top. If your church is more casual, you can also wear them with more laid-back pieces such as t-shirts and other outerwear that you feel comfortable in.


Jumpsuits are very flattering, especially if you pick a cut that’s right for your body. They are also easy to wear and you can pick lighter ones for summertime, and heavier ones, when it’s a bit cold. They are also stylish pieces for the church.

If you like the idea of wearing a jumpsuit to church, then a flowy one works best. Avoid a figure-hugging one as there’s a better venue for that.

White blouse

A blouse is a feminine top and you should really consider buying a few for certain occasions such as church and well,. They come in different designs so you really have a variety to choose from.

It makes for a great church look that’s very girly especially when you pick skirts. Pants can, however, also work for this look.

Matching set

If you feel like a suit is a bit too much for you, especially on a Sunday, then you might want to go for a co-ord set instead. It’s still two pieces that are easy to wear since they are an exact match. They also make for great church outfits that save you a lot of time on that Sunday morning.

With a co-ord set, you don’t have to think too hard about what to pair with the top or the bottoms.

Tweed jacket

There’s something about tweed jackets that screams Channel, or in other words, classy. As such, wearing a tweed jacket to church on Sunday is a great way to look super stylish but in an effortless way.


A kimono outfit is a good one for a Sunday in the summer. Kimonos make for great coverups that can be worn to church especially if you feel like your look is a bit too simple.

As you can see, just because you have to go to church on Sunday does not mean you have to throw your sense of style away. It’s an environment that requires modesty but modesty can still be stylish. With these 25 ideas, your Sunday looks should be stunning.

25 Best Church Outfits in 2024 You Will Love (2024)


What is the best outfit for going church? ›

Solid-colored tops are fine, and even something with a pattern should be OK to wear. Anything with wording or obnoxious sayings should not be worn to church. Baseball caps should not be worn to church, however, a stylish tailored hat is usually fine. When it comes to shoes, try not to wear heels that are too high.

What should I wear to church female? ›

Keep it Comfortable

Depending on the occasion, you might be sitting on a hard pew for a very long time—so don't torture yourself with stiff fabrics and tight waistlines! Instead, opt for a semi-fitted, comfy option like this jersey dress. We love all the affordable print options!

What kind of pants should I wear to church? ›

Make sure it is free of stains or wrinkles and remember to tuck it into your pants. Wear wrinkle-free slacks. Black dress pants are the best option for a person attending a church service. If you don't have a pair, you can wear clean and wrinkle free casual slacks or khakis as an alternative.

What to wear to church 2024? ›

2024 fashion trends for church attire

Bold colors and floral patterns are in for women, while sleek suits and mix-and-match accessories are popular for men.

Does the Bible say how you should dress for church? ›

The bible actually says almost nothing about what we should wear in Church. There are general commandments about modesty (e.g., 1Peter 3:3-5). But these passages do not speak specifically of church gatherings, they are more general.

What is a Sunday best outfit? ›

Sunday best in British English

noun. one's best clothes, esp regarded as those most suitable for churchgoing. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

What is considered Sunday best attire? ›

Sunday best refers to more formal attire worn for religious services or special occasions. It typically includes suits, dresses, or blouses for women, and suits or dress shirts with ties for men.

Is it OK to wear jeans to church? ›

None of our clothing choices matter one little bit to the kingdom of God. Wear what you want to church. But I pray that whether you wear a suit or flip-flops, you won't fall into the trap of believing that what you pull out of your closet is an indicator of your spiritual condition.

Do people wear leggings to church? ›

It depends on how the wearer wears them. If worn under a skirt or dress, they are not too risque for church. If worn by themselves, under a long shirt or pair of shorts, yes, they are too risque for church. I would wear leggings out to eat, shopping, or for exercise.

Can you wear red to church? ›

Many congregations, who celebrate Pentecost Sunday, invite congregants to wear red to worship since red is the liturgical color for this important Sunday in the liturgical year. If your congregation does not do this, consider changing the session question to: “Why is Pentecost important?”

Can you wear sweatpants to church? ›

Ecclesiastes 7:13- “You can wear sweatpants to church

What do you wear to church in 50 degree weather? ›

Oversized Blazer + Dress + Tights

50-degree days are cold, but they're also not that cold. You could still get away with wearing a mini skirt or a shorter dress with a few smart layers up top, such as a turtleneck and a blazer. Just make sure to consider the addition of tights to keep those goosebumps away.

Is it okay to wear sneakers to church? ›

What shoes to wear to church. You definitely want to wear a pair of shade-matching smart dress shoes, to go with your suit. There's no point being informal with a pair of sneakers, at the very most you can get away with a pair of loafers with some trainer socks or simply wearing no socks.

How should Christians dress to church? ›

Peter commands us, “Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair, the wearing of gold, or the putting on of clothing— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious.”(ESV) Isn't that a command to dress ...

What color suit for church? ›

Most churches expect men to dress in a dark suit, white shirt, and tie, this might not be the case at every church. You may find that while some churches include more formal clothes including ties, others might include men wearing a simple button-down and khakis.

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